People are not showing up to their interviews!

There are several ways you can improve appearance rates for your interviews.  

1. Message candidates quickly.  

Often when candidates are looking for jobs they will apply to 5-10 jobs at one time. Many managers make the mistake of waiting for a week or more to message candidates or to set up an interview.  As a result, candidates get snapped up by other companies and don't come to your interviews.  

2. Use the interview scheduling feature.

Proven's integrated interview scheduling feature is a great way to reduce no-shows. Simply schedule the interview with the candidate and we will automatically remind both you and the candidate before the interview starts.  This dramatically reduces no-shows.  

The interview scheduling feature is located within each candidate profile as can be seen in the photo below.  

3. Report the candidate to Proven.

If a candidate fails to show after the previous two suggestions.  Please mark them as a no show using the scheduling feature.  If they have a few no-shows we can black list them from the system and prevent them from applying using the Proven job board.  

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