I didn't get enough applicants


If you didn't get enough applicants and have a particularly difficult position to fill, there are a couple of options you can pursue.

1. Optimize your job posting

It's always a great idea to think of your job posting like an ad, you're trying to convince applicants that your company would be a great place to work and that they should send in their resume.  

To help, we put together this article on How to Optimize a Job Posting.

Additionally, if you have some specific ads you'd like help with, please feel free to reach out either via email (support@proven.com) or phone (844-255-4939), and we'll be more than happy to help you!

2. Add premium boards for more reach

The base Proven option goes to over 100 different job boards.  However, sometimes for difficult positions, you need even more reach.  That's why we offer premium job boards.  Premium boards allow 

Premium boards allow you to spend a bit more to get even more reach and applicants.  

To add a premium board, simply log in to Proven.  Click the re-post button next to your job title which will bring you to the edit job post screen.  

Scroll down and click re-post.  This will create a pop-up, click the button that says "Add More Job Boards."


From there, you should see a list of the premium job boards option and a description!


3. Reach Out to Proven

Here at Proven, we want to help your hire more effectively and a big part of that is making sure you're getting enough candidates.  If you have any questions or need any help with your ad, please feel free to reach out via email (support@proven.com) or by phone (844-255-4939).

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