I have low applicant numbers, how do I get more people to apply?

If you have low applicant numbers, there are several solutions you can pursue.  

1) Post to more relevant job boards!

The great thing about Proven is that you can easily post to many different job boards with one click.  As a result, if you're low on applicants consider posting to more job boards.  Check out this article to determine the right job boards for your industry.

2) Improve your posting!

We have analyzed thousands of job posts over the years and have found that small tweaks to a post can dramatically increase application rates.  Check out this article on optimizing your job post to get more applicants.  If you're still having trouble click the chat box in the bottom right to send in a ticket and we would be more than happy to optimize a post for you!

3) Optimize your posting time!

Based on data we have collected, the best time to post your job to increase applicant numbers is Monday thru Wednesday.  


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