Which premium job boards are right for my posting?

Using Proven, you can post to a number of premium job boards.  However, some job boards are right for certain positions while others are not.  We've put together this article as general guidelines for which job boards to use for certain types of jobs.  

Craigslist - The go-to place for hourly jobs.  Craigslist is one of the largest job boards out there and caters specifically to hourly and lower skilled positions!  

Indeed - Indeed is a great job board for most types of jobs.

Monster - Monster is a job board that is best for management or white collar positions. 

Jobs2Careers - Jobs2Careers is a site that focuses on everything from part time jobs to management level positions.  There unique job search engine makes it a great place to hire.  

ZipRecruiter - Great place for most types of jobs.  

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