How Does Proven Save You Time?

Do you need/want to save time in the hiring process?  Well you're in luck, Proven's platform can help you do just that with the features listed below and many others we couldn't include here!  

Evaluating Applicants

Using Proven you can categorize applicants quickly and easily.  You can then save time by bulk messaging the "Yes," "No," and "Maybe" applicants.  You can also more easily remember which applicants are good and which are not, preventing you from duplicating effort.  


Collaborate More Effectively

Using Proven, you can add users and collaborate with them by leaving notes on candidates, forwarding along resumes and by sharing the responsibility of evaluating applicants. 

Hire on the Go

Download the Proven Mobile App where you can post jobs, view applicants and message them all on the go. With the app, you can do your hiring during downtime rather than having to dedicate a block of time.

Reduce No-Shows

One huge time waste for hiring managers is interview no-shows.  However, you can use Proven's interview scheduler to reduce no-shows.  The interview scheduler reminds candidates of the interview and encourages them to inform you if they are not going to make it.

Eliminate Email Attachments

Downloading, saving and looking at potentially hundreds of resumes in your email takes hours.  Proven's software does this all automatically and puts the resume in an easy to view format.  You can also more easily print, forward and save the resume. 

Improve Communication with Applicants

Emailing back and forth with candidates can be a huge time drain.  It is challenging to keep track of which candidate is which, to make sure emails are not lost and to have a record of the conversation.  Fortunately, Proven's messaging feature eliminates this hassle.  


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